Ro Sham Beaux Beaded Lighting

Ro Sham Beaux Ro Sham Beaux beaded lighting takes a fresh approach to lighting design with an eye towards the future and a reverence of the past. We pride ourselves in uncompromising craftsmanship and immepecable service, utilizing sustainable materials whenever possible. Recycled steel/beads, hemp, and organic cotton are but a few materials used in creating our product line.

Our LIGHTING line captures the essence of functional art while bringing a whimsical element of beauty and durability to the forefront. Ro Sham Beaux is, Elegant Sustainability.


Adelaide Hanging ChandelierCarmen Hanging Beaded ChandelierFiona Beaded Chandelier
Frankie Hanging ChandelierFrankie Malibu Beaded Hanging ChandelierFrankie Tortola Beaded Hanging Chandelier
Gabby Beaded Hanging ChandelierGigi Beaded ChandelierHelix Hanging Chandelier
Lily  Hanging ChandelierMaliblu Stoney Beaded Hanging ChandelierMalibu  Sea Beaded Hanging Chandelier
Malibu Clear Beaded Hanging ChandelierMalibu Coke Bottle Beaded Hanging ChandelierMalibu Coral Beaded Hanging Chandelier
Malibu Turquoise Beaded ChandllierMalibu Up Beaded Hanging ChandelierMalibu White Beaded Hanging Chandelier
Orbit Beaded Hanging ChandelierSophia IV Hanging ChandelierStoney Beaded Chandelier with solid drop
Sullivan Hanging Chandelier

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