Sideboards by Dovetail

Dovetail Furniture is one of the largest importers and wholesale distributors on the West Coast of fine handcrafted SIDEBOARDS. Dovetail SIDEBOARDS are made of the finest wood and and artfully blends clean, contemporary design with the classic look of traditional furnishings. Browse all of our Handcrafted SIDEBOARDS

Abramo Vintage Sideboard
Achille Metal Sideboard
Adalberto Large Painted Sideboard
Adamo Reclaimed Pine Sideboard
Adela Sideboard
Adolfo Antique Red Sideboard
Adone Blue-Grey Sideboard
Adriano Yellow Sideboard
Agapeto Reclaimed Pine Sideboard
Agapito Antique Aqua Sideboard
Agostino Antique Blue-Grey Sideboard
Alberico Antique Blue Sideboard
Alberto Antique Yellow Sideboard
Aldo Antique Red Sideboard
Alessandro Antique Aqua Sideboard
Alessandro Antique Yellow Sideboard
Alessio Antique Sideboard
Alfeo Hand Painted Sideboard
Alice Sideboard
Amy Sideboard
Astrid Sideboard
Aurelie Sideboard
Cosme Sideboard
Diamante Antique Yellow Sideboard
Domencia Antique Aqua Sideboard
Dona Antique Yellow Sideboard
Donata Antique Blue Sideboard
Donatella Antique Large Hand Painted Sideboard
Dorotea Antique Blue-Grey Sideboard
Drina Teak Hand Painted Sideboard
Edda Antique Yellow Sideboard
Edmonda Antique Aqua 4 Drawer Sideboard
Edvige Antique Yellow 4 Drawer Sideboard

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