ZentiqueAn organic new trend Wood furniture that's without a stitch of paint or stain, and barely a lick of wax or sealer! This look is popping up in every category from the most classic French traditional styles, to ultra modern and everything in between. The trend goes hand in hand with the green movement, and is an expression of a reverence for the beauty of the natural world.

Zentique is French Country European styling with a rustic edge. Zentique uses washed out woods, recycled metals, and unique creative designs. Zentique is innovative with their furniture and home decor creating both comfortable lived in and industrial, modern and traditional looks. French Country Swedish in nature with rich, coastal textures, the company offers super classic pieces with antique finishes and unexpected materials.

Based in Georgia, Zentique uses unpainted wood, recycled metals, and organic materials to create furnishings that reinterpret French Country designs. Though inspired by antique, classic styles, Zentique furniture also possesses a modern, industrial aesthetic.

Armoires & Cabinets Bookcase and RacksChests  -  Dressers - Vanities
Coffee -Cocktail TablesConsoles - Buffets - SideboardsDesks
Dining - Bar TablesHeadboards & BedsLighting - Chandeliers-Sconces

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